Former Cubs GM Jim Hendry — down-and-out and reportedly “extremely” intoxicated — was arrested over the holiday weekend trying to break into Wrigley Field while dressed as Santa Claus.

“At first we thought it was just another moron from one of those stupid holiday pub crawls,” said Det. Allan Franklin of the 23rd District. “But when we approached the assailant we recognized him as the Cubs former general manager.”

Franklin said Hendry was trying to scale the left field bleachers wall. His efforts were so hapless that officers weren’t going to arrest him until he refused to leave the premises.

“He was going on about all the unfinished business he had in the stadium,” said Franklin. “He said there were still several players with the team who hadn’t been given long-term overpriced deals with no-trade clauses that he still hoped to ‘take care of.'”