The Cubs made headlines earlier this week when owner Tom Ricketts purchased a parcel of land across from Wrigley Field where a McDonald’s currently sits. Seen originally as a move to bolster the ownership’s presence in the neighborhood, Ricketts revealed Friday morning that it’s actually a prelude to the hopeful signing of portly free agent Prince Fielder.

“We really, really need to sign Prince and are prepared to pull out all the stops,” said Ricketts. “And if acquiring a fast-food joint across the street from where we play 81 games a year can help influence his decision to join the Cubs, well that’s just what we’ll do.”

There is also a Taco Bell just a few steps from Wrigley but Ricketts said he has no interest in buying that.

“I’m shamelessly doing whatever I can to get Prince, but even I have limits,” said Ricketts. “Taco Bell? No thanks. That shit is disgusting.”