The “One Goal” campaign has been trumpeted by the Blackhawks organization through all media since the 2009-10 Stanley Cup season. It depicts the team drive and work ethic necessary to win an NHL championship.

Since this year’s talented team nearly leads the league in goals scored, but is also in the running for most goals allowed, they have slightly altered the campaign to the lively, if less catchy, “Lots of Fun Goals for Everyone!”

“We know what the team is good at and have decided to focus on that aspect of the game,” said GM Stan Bowman. “And if we commit a penalty, we’ll just spot them a goal and move on.”

Bowman acknowledges that winning every game 6-5 in overtime might be an emotional rollercoaster for many fans, but says he insists on giving even the casual hockey fan their money’s worth.

The first promotion featuring the motto will depict a confused and scrambling line-change, followed by Patrick Sharp skating into the slot with a smile and scoring a goal to the voice over, “Hockey is fun for Patrick Sharp. But what’s fun for everyone?” The Indian head logo and slogan will then be displayed.

Firmly behind the team’s new ad and direction are several local groups, including Moms Against All Sorts of Violence (M.A.A.S.O.V.) and their offshoot Nullification of Hitting in Team Sports (N.O.H.I.T.S.).

Said M.A.A.S.O.V. co-founder Julia Elliot: “With everyone scoring, who would want to hit anyone? Now if they get rid of that ice and have their games on the grass I just might let my son play.”

By Dan Bradley

Bandwagon Dan