The NFL has decided on Madonna as the halftime act for this year’s Super Bowl, and while the announcement has caused many men to scoff at the idea, the league has picked up at least one new female fan.

“It’s like a prayer,” gushed Melissa Samson, latest NFL convert. “I’m going to get into the groove during half time of the Stupid Bowl this year. Additional Madonna song lyric!”

Melissa admitted up until this news broke, she hated the sport, and would often force her husband Dan to watch the games at a friend’s house.

“I just think it’s a barbaric game,” she added. “But, if it’s good enough for Madge, it’s good enough for me!”

Dan Samson has been trying to convert his wife since they were married in 2001.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” Dan said. “It’s a pain in the neck to find a place to go every Sunday, but the idea of sitting home with her and watching the game doesn’t exactly seem fun either.”

Melissa decided she would root for the Cleveland Browns because she loves dogs, and “brown is in this season.”

When asked if he will watch the halftime show with his wife, Dan replied, “I’d rather stick my arm in a wood chipper. What happens if there’s another wardrobe malfunction? I don’t want to see Skeletor’s breast.”