With the sole intent of angering Mike Schmidt and other members of baseball’s Hall of Fame who opposed Cubs legend Ron Santo’s induction while he was still alive, Santo will return from the grave to accept his Hall of Fame honors in person this summer.

The Veterans Committee granted Santo’s enshrinement in the Hall today, but many feel it was a backhanded honor because some Hall of Famers like Mike Schmidt felt Santo was shamelessly campaigning for election so the committee decided to wait until his death to vote him in so he wouldn’t be around to enjoy it. That plan was foiled today when Santo’s widow Vicki said Santo would in fact be able to attend his Hall of Fame ceremony this summer.

“Ronnie made a secret deal with God that he would be able to come back for just one day after he died,” said Vicki Santo. “Naturally we all agreed that day would be for his Hall of Fame ceremony. I can’t wait to see the look on Mike Schmidt’s face when an angelic Ronnie floats down from the heavens to give his speech in person. It’s going to be great!”