Watching Sunday’s game half a world away in Tokyo, Bears fan Aki Sato couldn’t believe his eyes when Roy Williams did his best “Dropzilla” impression, juggling a crucial goal line pass until it was eventually intercepted by Kansas City’s Jon McGraw and iced the Chiefs’ surprise win.

“Roy Williams is very, very shitty receiver,” said Sato. “But when he did his Dropzilla act it reminded me of all the carnage another beastly, alligator-armed monster has wreaked our proud country and I just about lost it.”

Following the Godzilla flashbacks, Sato said he probably won’t watch the Bears anymore as long as Williams is on the team.

“Dropzilla makes me very, very scared,” said Sato. “Until he’s gone from the Bears forever, I won’t watch them, just like no one watched the last Godzilla movie that came out in 2004.”