He’s a world champion, a Hall of Famer and one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players of all time, but Walt “Clyde” Frazier just might be best known for his off the wall fashion sense.

“This late start to the season has me stressing and pressing about my dressing,” the legendary Knicks announcer said. “I have a prodigious closet with 100 new suits made from only the finest fabulous fabrics, and the fans are going to see them all.”

Clyde will have his own segment called “Styling and Profiling” during halftime of every Knicks game aired on MSG this season, in which he will change suits while breaking down video. The segment will then re-air nightly on the Style Network.

“I think the segment is a great idea for Clyde. He’s more Joan Rivers than Doc Rivers,” said Frazier’s booth partner, Mike Breen. “Some of those prints he wears distract the players though. I hope he tones it down a bit this season.”

Knick fans love the idea, and were thrilled to hear Clyde would be replacing the “60 seconds” segment in which celebrities like Chris Rock are asked questions such as, “What Marx brother is your favorite?”

“I think I’ll open game one with the leopard print blazer and my splendiferous satin slacks,” Frazier promised. “I plan to make MSG the place to be for the hottest steez; none of that rowdy and dowdy jive like Craig Sager over on TNT.”

The MSG network will feel out the segment before possibly expanding it to a nightly half hour fashion show. In the meantime, they will air the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals on a loop whenever a game isn’t being played.