After finishing off the pasting of the Vancouver Canucks Wednesday night, the line of Dan Carcillo, John Scott, and Jamal Mayers went about achieving a different goal: world peace.

“We came up with a pretty good strategy,” said Carcillo. “I’ll annoy the piss out of everyone, then John and Jamal will take care of the rest.”

First, the fearsome line went about solving the dilemma with Iran by simply giving Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a crosscheck to the back. When he turned around and saw Mayers, he gave up quickly.

Next up was North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il. Carcillo took care of that one by himself.

“He was a chirpy S.O.B. so I just chased him around and yapped back at him, making fun of how short he is and his small missiles,” said Carcillo. “Eventually he started crying in the corner and surrendered.”

The last obstacle was a little more difficult. Just for old time’s sake, they went after Russia and Vladimir Putin. Scott drew that assignment.

“We went over there and it wasn’t too hard to get him going, but man he wouldn’t quit,” said Scott.

For those who witnessed it, the pair went at it for long stretches, taking breaks only for vodka. Eventually Scott got his famous reach working in his favor and finished off Putin.