Much as he was in Detroit and Dallas, Bears receiver Roy Williams has been plagued by drops since signing with Chicago. But over the past couple games, Williams has shown signs of turning things around with a few good catches. Now, the veteran receiver is just one reception away from the Tribune’s Dan Pompei penning an article about him “catching on” with the Bears.

“I’ve been sitting on this ‘catching on’ angle for months,” said Pompei. “Hopefully Roy can snag one or two good receptions against the Lions, then I can beat any other writers to the punch. It’s a really solid pun.”

According to Pompei, he plans to incorporate into the article such turns of phrase as “Williams now has his future in his own hands” and “like a spiral bouncing off a receiver’s chest, so has been Williams’ career thus far.”

“I’ve also got an article in the hopper about Cutler ‘carving up the Lions’ on Sunday,” said Pompei. “That one’s already half-written if Jay can deliver a worthy performance.”

Heckler George