Matt Forte has not kept his desire for a new contract secret, but the Bears running back has not let it affect his professionalism – until he found out the Halas Hall janitor was given a $1 per hour cost of living raise.

“This is outrageous!” screamed Forte as he stormed into GM Jerry Angelo’s office. “Everybody gets a raise but me, huh? When was the last time Ralph carried 50 percent of this franchise’s offense?!”

Angelo tried to calm Forte, explaining that the back had his chance at a new deal before the season, but rejected $14 million in guarantees and $6 million per year.

“Plus, Ralph has been working here for almost 20 years and the guy only makes $14 an hour,” said Angelo. “That’s 14 dollars, Matt. Not 14 million.”

Still, Forte was undeterred.

“I want a cost of living raise too,” he said. “Just give me $1 million more for this year and then we can revisit after the season. Come on, Jerry! Pay the Matt!”

Heckler George