Recently fired Cubs manager Mike Quade told all fans Thursday not to worry about him as he will be just fine after landing the “perfect fallback job” at a local Midas automotive shop.

“Nope, no one needs to be concerned about Old Coach Mikey,” said Quade. “Money was tight when I was toiling around in the minors for a few decades so I picked up a side gig swapping out mufflers and changing oil at a Midas shop near my place. Turns out a shop in Chicago was hiring and now I’m back at it.”

Quade will start out earning $11 an hour, which is a far cry from the $1 million he was paid by the Cubs in 2011 and will earn again in 2012 despite being fired, but he found a way to think positive about the situation.

“There’s a certain sense of accomplishment a guy gets when he puts in an eight-hour day at a blue collar job,” said Quade. “When you’re puttingĀ  new tires on a 2003 Chrysler no one’s yapping back at you like Big Z after he gave up eight earned runs in the first two innings of a game, for example.”

“So yeah, it’s a pretty big pay cut, but I think it’ll be a nice change of pace.”