Lifelong wrestling fan Aaron Rodgers — whose touchdown celebration consists of pretending to put on a championship belt — won’t be making any friends in the WWE anytime soon. The Packers QB has filed suit against the WWE for stealing his wrestling belt idea and demands the company cease all belt-related activities immediately or pay heavy fines.

“I have loved wrestling since I was a little boy,” Rodgers said. “But what struck me as odd was that the champions never were given any type of trophy or belt recognizing their greatness. They just got their hands raised in the air by some lame referee.”

“A few years ago I thought a belt would be a cool thing to give a champion, so I started mimicking that motion after scoring touchdowns. Sure enough, I turn on the WWE this week and every single wrestling champion is wearing an oversized belt. What the hell? That was my idea!”

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon is up in arms over the accusations.

“This is preposterous,” McMahon said. “Look at the tapes from 30 years ago! Is this a joke?”

Rodgers feigns indifference to McMahon’s videotapes, photographs, action figures and other merchandise featuring wrestling belts since the mid-1980s.

“I am just trying to protect what is rightfully my intellectual property,” Rodgers said. “I have some other great ideas I’ll give to the WWE, free of charge. How about when a championship changes hands, the new champ throws chalk in the air with his arms spread wide? Cool, right? My idea.”