The Bears released Chris Harris this morning, and the struggling safety and prolific Twitter user is hoping he can quickly catch on with another team in need of his rare blend of talents.

“My play on the field this season was mediocre at best, but I am getting really good at using Twitter,” said Harris whose 15,000 Tweets have netted him an impressive 36,000 followers. “There’s got to be a team out there looking for a Twitterback, which I know is a position I can still play.”

Bears GM Jerry Angelo said Harris’ strength at Twitter didn’t make up for his declining skills at safety.

“If you’ve lost a step or take bad angles when trying to tackle a running back, I don’t really care how many Twitter followers you have,” said Angelo. “Unless of course you have like 10 million followers in which case I’d probably move you to the team’s PR department. In either case, you won’t be in my team’s starting lineup.”