After energizing Cub fans with his fleet-footed inside-the-park home run in August, outfielder Tony Campana has decided to just keep on running.

“Lots of my friends mentioned I should run a marathon or something. I figured why not just run coast to coast, sea to shining sea, and stuff?” he said. “I mean if Forrest Gump can do it, so can I.”

Cubs management approved the nationwide run, stating it would spotlight the need for players to move from one base to another in a swift fashion. Campana plans to end his run at spring training in Mesa with a long unkempt beard and a few thousand other hippies.

“Campy is tripping,” said teammate Marlon Byrd. “In the dugout, he talks about his mama a lot and compared Quade once to a box of chocolates. He keeps asking me if I want to start up a shrimp boat company. What the heck do I know about shrimp?”