Celebrations rang through Libya Thursday when the evil tyrant Mohammar Qaddafi was finally brought to justice by a man in a Yankee cap, and the Yankees are claiming that it was no coincidence.

A sure to be iconic photo showed the trigger man, Mohammad al-Bibi, holding up Gadafi’s golden gun, but the thing that stuck out most was the interlocking NY on his cap.

As it turns out, al-Bibi was once a highly touted pitching prospect in the Yankee farm system. Infact, he was the first Libyan born player to ever play minor league ball when the Yankees signed him to a $1 million signing bonus in 2005. Due to Kadhafi law, he was only allowed to keep $14 for himself in order to be let out of Libya with both arms.

Mohammad was known in Yankee circles as “Ham” due to his theatrics on the mound – plus, “Mo” was already in use.

“I always said Ham had a killer mentality out there,” said Brian Cashman. “He was a rebel first and a player second, that Tommy John may have just been the best thing that ever happened to him.”

Cashman also described al-Bibi as a go getter, and said he had one of the most accurate arms in the Grapefruit league – two skills that came in handy when he chased Qadhdhafi into a pipe and ultimately finished him off.

Al-Bibi was received in the streets of his home town like a hero, and there are talks the Yankees may throw him a parade, as they loaded up on ticker tape after the 2008 season, only to have it sit and collect dust in a Manhattan storage unit.

Al-Bibi, still an avid Yankee fan who follows every game on an AM-FM radio he found in the rubble of a bombed chicken restaurant, accepted the parade offer, but only under the condition that A-Rod not attend.