Few would consider an annual base salary of $1.65 million to be paltry. Bears kicker Robbie Gould wasn’t complaining until English Premier League giants Manchester United came knocking. An offer was made to kick soccer balls and perhaps run a little more than what Gould is used to on an NFL field. That offer stood at 5 million British pounds per season, which the Penn State alum gladly accepted.

When asked about how he can possibly make the transition from an elite NFL kicker to a soccer forward, Gould said it would be easy.

“I have no doubt in my abilities to boot a ball around,” said Gould. “Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United manager, even told me I have what it takes to be the next Wayne Rooney. I can’t say no to that.”

This comes after fellow EPL rivals Liverpool also made a bid for Gould. That deal was shot down after rumors surfaced of Liverpool and Boston Red Sox owner John Henry wanting to eventually sway Gould to take the closer role in the Red Sox bullpen.

The Bears are now without their leading scorer and special teams ace. GM Jerry Angelo has wasted little time in searching for Gould’s replacement. Looking to find a familiar face, he contacted the agent of former Bear Paul Edinger to check on his availability, only to be told Edinger is under contract with a professional Cricket team in London.

John Jenzeh