Timothy Campbell, an HR coordinator with a Chicago-based non-profit organization, has been talking up the virtues of Carlos Peña to co-workers lately. The Cubs first baseman has gotten frequent vocal praise from Campbell, who said he hasn’t seen much of Peña in person because he could only afford to go to a couple of the team’s games this past season.

“Carlos had a solid year for us,” he explained to a colleague while eating his lunch of a tuna fish sandwich and Cheetos on top of the brown paper bag he brought them in at his desk. “For what we’re paying him, he’s a steal. That was one thing Hendry did right.”

Campbell, who was unemployed for several months before landing his current job in February and missed a couple of credit card payments since the beginning of the year, claims Peña — who has been in the Majors for 11 seasons — is only going to go up in value.

“According to the unique VORP formula I calculated while riding the bus from my studio apartment in Rogers Park to the office, he’s one of the top 25 guys in the league,” Campbell said. “Plus, Boras is his agent, so it’s only a matter of time before the Cubs have to bump up his salary.”

By Brian Summerfield

Brian Summerfield