Bears running back Matt Forte spent three hours alone on a practice field Friday, imagining he was taking hand-offs and reading blocks from teammates who weren’t really there.

Forte, who has accounted for more than 50 percent of the Bears’ total offense this season, couldn’t tell the difference, though, because the rest of the offense has been so horrendously nonexistent the past three games that the fourth-year pro had a hard time distinguishing between his offensive line and open space.

“You gotta get me a block, [Gabe] Carimi,” Forte said in the direction of some bleachers. “C’mon, [Frank] Omiyale! You’re better than that!”

After he wore himself out, Forte asked the air to grab a knee.

“Not a bad practice, fellas,” Forte said to no one to his left. “But we still got a lot to work on.”