The Bears problem with calling in plays during the play clock has reached epidemic proportions. According to many sources the issue isn’t offensive coordinator Mike Martz’s insistence at figuring out the perfect play, it is actually his undying love for Australia’s soft rock kings Air Supply.

“We’ve tried to get him to only listen to music when we’re on defense,” said diminutive quarterbacks coach Shane Day. “But he doesn’t listen, he just pumps up ‘All Out of Love’ and won’t give us a play till the song is over.

This week Martz refused to admit he was listening to Air Supply during games, but his love for the group was thinly veiled.

“No, no, no I always stay on task during the game,” said Martz. “But if you’re implying that Air Supply isn’t the greatest duo of all time then you know less about music than Caleb Hanie knows about offense.”