Despite carrying nearly 50 percent of the offense, Bears running back Matt Forte could be doing more for the team, says GM Jerry Angelo.

“Look, we’ve all seen the second floor bathroom at Halas Hall,” said Angelo. “For such a ‘valuable’ guy, he sure doesn’t seem too interested in helping out his teammates by fixing the damn toilet.”

Forte has also been called upon to wash Angelo’s car.

“It’s all part of the contract negotiation process,” said Angelo. “I mean, let’s see how shiny the rims are before we decide just how dedicated Matt is to this franchise.”

According to teammates, Forte has not complained about his new duties, but has voiced concern that the Bears might be taking advantage of him.

“I don’t know … I mean, I talked to Chris Johnson and he said he never even had to change a light bulb,” said Forte. “Anyway, I should probably get back to practice since I have to learn how to play safety and defensive end while also helping Lovie [Smith] manage the timeouts every game.”

Heckler George