Fox Sports announced late on Thursday that it was cancelling the remainder of the baseball post-season. The statement came shortly after the New York Yankees were eliminated 3-2 by the Detroit Tigers.

“With New York out of the picture, we have determined that the rest of the post-season is simply not fiscally viable,” said Fox Sports spokesperson, Stacey Cooper. “We’ve informed [MLB commissioner] Bud Selig of our decision and he has, understandably, consented.”

A spokesperson for TBS, which owns the rights to broadcast the remaining divisional and league championship series games, stated that the network was not consulted in advance by Fox, but they agreed with the decision.

“We had already lost the Los Angeles and Chicago markets before the end of the regular season. Now New York is gone,” said the spokesperson. “We just can’t afford not to make millions of dollars only to entertain Philadelphia and Milwaukee, wherever that is. What’s the point?”

Players on the teams remaining in contention were said to be “miffed” but understanding of the cancellation. Several admitted they had already booked tee-times at Arizona golf resorts immediately following the Yankee loss.

Cary Nathenson