The internet was abuzz last week when Patrick Kane signed up for a Twitter account. Not surprisingly, it appears he’s only done it to try to pick up women and has unknowingly been hitting mostly on spambots, which are fake accounts often set up to drive users to phishing sites.

His first Tweet was innocent enough, posting “Whats up #blackhawks fans. Im new to twitter but gona give it a try.” After that, it went off the rails pretty quickly however.

“@sexygirl69 Ru single? Want 2 kick it?” Kane tweeted to an account that was clearly bogus. “I play hocky & am Patrick kane.”

Kane later tweeted about his trouble making lasting connections with women on the microblogging site.

“I dont get this twitter thing,” Kane posted at 4 a.m. Sunday morning. “Y do all theese women just send me back links to sites in Russion? Dont they know I only speak American?”