Most people know Reggie Jackson as Mr. October. But in my book Mr. October is my boy Sully. From 1972 to 1981 no one was better than Sully at gambling on post-season baseball. Of course, he had some help from the inside but it’s all about the profit, not in how you made the money. Unfortunately Sully is currently doing a stretch because of a disagreement with the IRS. We’ll just have to handle this year on our own. Let’s gamble!

54: Number of times Fox will run the “Tony La Russa all-time playoff wins” graphic

54: Number of times La Russa will change pitchers during the NLDS

$50,000: Cost incurred by the Travel Channel to delay the next season of Man versus Food while Lance Berkman is unavailable for taping

3 Minutes: Time that ESPN/FOX/MLB Network will have to increase their delay with Ozzie Guillen on the air

62:1: Ratio of alcohol related arrests at Citizens Bank Ballpark during Phillies home games to Ryan Howard RBIs during the NLDS

23: Average number of Nolan Ryan shots during Ranger games

74%: Chance that A-Rod makes more during the ALDS then the next movie made by whatever actress ends up sitting in A-Rod’s seats during the ALDS

9%: Chance that any one player is referred to as a “gamer” as many times as Derek Jeter

25%: Price increase Kirk Gibson charges for mustache rides during the postseason

.345: Miguel Cabrera’s 2011 post-season batting average … making it the first time since Mickey Mantle in 1958 that a player batted over .300 and matched his peak blood-alcohol level during the post-game celebration

Giles Tellum