For the 103rd straight year, the Chicago Cubs are heavily favored to take home the Opposite World Series trophy.

“This franchise has dominated opposite world since way back in 1908 and we show no signs of slowing down,” said owner Tom Ricketts. “The Yankees may be the team to beat here in reality, but the Opposite World Series will always belong to the Cubbies. We can beat them any opposite day of the week.”

This year’s team was once again dominant in all facets of the game, from relief pitching to clutch hitting to just plain being fundamentally sound.

“We simply don’t make mistakes,” said Ryne Sandberg, who manages the Cubs in opposite world. “No blown saves. Lots of hustle from guys like Soriano and Ramirez. And who could forget Kerry Wood coming back to win his ninth Cy Young?”

Standing in the way of the Cubs are the usual first-round suspects: the Pirates.

“They’re a juggernaut, too,” said Sandberg. “We’re just a little better than them each year. The Astros are who we really need to be ready for this year. They won 100 games … which is only 15 less than we did.”

Heckler George