The kid known as “Captain Serious” has swooped in to save his Blackhawks teammates many times during his young career. Most recently he sprang into action and scored a shorthanded goal through several defenders from his knees to tie Vancouver late in game seven of last season’s Stanley Cup playoffs.

This year, the organization offered to honor Toews’ penchant for exceeding mere captain status by fitting his uniform with a personalized cape, in lieu of the normal “C” sewn upon the breast of every NHL team captain. The oft-modest Toews felt the gesture was a little over the top.

“I know the addition of a cape necessarily makes bad guys fear you,” said Toews. “But I feel that it would blow my cover as a regular-looking guy who also might punch you in the mouth. Unless it’s an invisibility cloak. But I haven’t heard anything about that.”

Coach Quenneville was for the move, touting a cape’s many benefits.

“Capes offer all sorts of aerodynamic advantages in hockey,” he said. “Not to mention distracting opponents and adding a pretty cool air of mystery. He could work on some sort of spin move to take out defenders. I’ve only seen that in video games, but wouldn’t put it past Johhny.”

Had the uniform change occurred, alternate captains Patrick Sharp and Duncan Keith would have also received Swiss Army-style belt buckles complete with grappling hook capabilities.

The captain did agree that something off-ice would be appropriate.

Said Toews: “Arriving at the U.C. in a Batmobile would be pretty sweet.”

By Dan Bradley

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