Already highlighted by contract disputes with stars Matt Forte and Lance Briggs, the Bears off-season became even more tumultuous Friday when top-selling Solider Field beer vendor Stan Garman publicly demanded a contract extension of his own.

Garman, who has worked as a vendor for the past six years, was voted “Most valuable member of the Bears organization” by the fans in 2009, and averages an astonishing 1,500 beers served per home game.  He has often taken sole responsibility for making Bears games manageable for fans during his tenure, and has no issues over-serving fans.

Several Bears fans agree that Garman deserves a restructured contract, with one fan even going as far to sing his praises by saying, “Wooo!  Garman!  Beer me!”

Garman has been angling for a new deal through his United Beer Workers and Taxidermists union rep, as well as his agent Drew Rosenhaus. However, there has been little progress as the Bears have maintained their typical hard-line stance on contract negotiations.

“Mr. Garman was signed up for his job at a competitive market rate of $8 an hour plus tips,” said a Bears rep. “We expect him to honor the commitment he made when he agreed to those terms.”

Jeff GoodSmith