After breaking off his engagement with former reality star Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler has been seen on the town with a new reality TV-star girlfriend: Snooki from “The Jersey Shore.”

The fiery pop culture figure and brooding QB first met at a bar during a break in filming Jersey Shore several months ago, according to various sources.

“Jay certainly has a type,” said an anonymous friend. ” And that type is ‘Reality TV star.’  Really, if she’s made a living having cameras follow her around, Jay’s gonna take a shining to her.”

When approached about this new relationship, Cutler told reporters, “Yes, I am in fact currently dating Snooki.  While Kristin remains near and dear to my heart, the fact of the matter is, she wasn’t nearly famous enough anymore.  ‘The Hills’ hasn’t been on in, what, a year? Meanwhile, ‘Jersey Shore’ is really popular, and Snooki is probably the most popular cast member in that whole show, so it only makes sense that I’d date her.”

Cutler paused before adding, “Besides, if I date Snooki, the media’s probably going to focus on that, as opposed speculating on how many interceptions I’m going to throw this year.”

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith