Fans expecting a free gift at the Sept. 20 Mets game against Milwaukee will leave Citi Field empty handed now that Carlos Beltran has been dealt to the Giants. The Mets announced today they will cancel the giveaway celebrating the former center fielder’s famous growth.

“I had to put a stop to the production of the Beltran ‘pro-mole-tion’ item,” said Cathy Louis, the Mets employee in charge of setting the giveaway dates. “I take full responsibility for the mistake. It was a really cool little collectible, but I should have scheduled it for earlier in the summer.”

The first 20,000 fans were to be given a Mets cap with an attachment that hung next to their right ear. The attachment had a large novelty mole mimicking the growth on Beltran’s face.

“Ah man, I bought tickets to that game just to get that hat!” said a disappointed fan, who didn’t seem to care too much about the trade. “The guy has a hundred mil, why the hell hasn’t he gotten that thing removed?”

Despite its popularity with the Mets faithful, Carlos Beltran never once talked about the blemish. In 2007, he turned down an endorsement deal with Hershey’s because they wanted to feature the mole prominently in their Milk Duds advertising campaign.

“Carlos is a very religious man,” said agent Scott Boras, who will be seeking a multi-year deal for Beltran this offseason. “That’s his power source; it would be like Samson’s hair if he got it removed.”

Boras added later that they have a deal in writing with the Baseball Hall of Fame. If Beltran is inducted, he will get to have the mole removed and enshrined next to his Rookie of the Year award.