Jorge Posada is responsible for over $20,000 worth of damage to the Yankees clubhouse Tuesday after a spat with manager Joe Girardi fueled by the insecure DH’s misinformed eavesdropping.

The tirade happened yesterday when the maligned 39-year-old overheard Girardi and GM Brian Cashman having a conversation about him.

“Cashman was saying ‘finally released Posada,’” said a beat writer on the scene. “They were talking about fantasy baseball, but Posada didn’t care, he just … exploded.”

Teammates tried to calm Posada down by informing him of the mix up, but it only filled him with more rage.

“Yeah, he was actually even more angry that he got cut from the fantasy team,” said catcher Russell Martin. “Good thing I didn’t tell him that I cut him from my team back in May.”

Hissy fits aren’t new for Posada, who is hitting a paltry .223 this season. He removed himself from the lineup earlier in the season when he was insulted by his spot at the bottom of the order.

The scene lasted 10 minutes before Jorge Posada was brought down by a tranquilizer dart pitcher A.J. Burnett had stashed in his locker.

“Burny and I went hunting over the All-Star break,” said outfielder Brett Gardner. “Luckily for us, he didn’t clean out his travel bag.”

Burnett was able to throw a dart into Posada’s neck, after missing in three previous tries, one of which hit Bartolo Colon with no ill effects.