In a bold move aimed at picking off North Side fans, the White Sox have dropped the “We’re All In” slogan and replaced it with a more aggressive “Not As Bad As The Cubs™” mantra.

“Look, neither Chicago team is going to the playoffs this year,” said Ben Jensen, director of advertising for the White Sox. “But at least the Sox might give the fans a victory or two the rest of the way. So that’s the idea: we might be bad, but we’re not as bad as the other team in town.”

The new slogan will blanket Chicagoland via billboards, transit ads and posters above urinals in Wrigleyville bars, along with headlines like “Why piss your money away on Cubs tickets? Visit the Cell instead!”

When asked why the Sox didn’t just focus on trying to get their current fans to the ballpark, Jensen shrugged.

“They’re not gullible enough,” he said. “Plus, they know about the problem we have with muggings. Cubs fans may not have experienced the downsides of U.S. Cellular just yet.”

Heckler George