Babe Ruth’s reign as the largest bust in Monument Park will soon come to an end. Christian Lopez, the young fan who caught, and selflessly gave back Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit, will soon be immortalized amongst the Yankee legends beyond the center field wall.

Lopez, 23, knew he had great seats to potentially witness history, but he never would have guessed he’d be the one to snatch the Yankee Captain’s biggest career hit.

Most fans would have immediately saw dollar signs in Christian’s spot. Barry Bonds’ 756th home run ball sold for over $750,000 just four years ago to fashion designer Marc Ecko.

Christian, a cell phone salesman by trade, seemed satisfied with his decision to give the ball back and bypass his payday.

“We sell the iPhone now. I’m doin’ alright,” he said. “No real Yankee fan would have even thought twice about keeping the ball.”

A smiling Jeter commended Lopez after the game.

“I was willing to give him my third World Series ring, 100 signed baseballs, a few royalty checks from my all my commercials, full access to my summer home in the Hamptons, and a night with Minka,” said Jeter. “But he decided to just take some tickets and a plaque. He’s a good guy.”

Luck isn’t new for Christian. In 2009, he won $100,000 from a scratch off ticket but gave it back to the NY Lottery for a few “snazzy lanyards.”

Lopez is unsure how he’ll handle his new-found celebrity, but he has already booked a guest spot on Late Night with David Letterman next week to announce the “Dumbest Decisions of All Time” Top Ten List.

By Vin Conzo