Chicago’s string of pleasant early summer weather continued Tuesday, as cloudless skies and temperatures in the low-80s greeted the city, creating perfect conditions for a baseball game. Those conditions, however, were ruined by a Cubs day-night doubleheader at Wrigley that saw them outscored by a combined 19-10 in dropping both games to the visiting Giants.

Local weather experts were dismayed by the spoiled opportunity for a positive sports-playing and viewing experience.

“Days like Tuesday have been hard to come by,” said WGN meteorologist Tom Skilling. “We had a low pressure front bringing warm, dry air from the West but unfortunately it was met by god-awful pitching and untimely hitting from the Cubs. Can you believe they gave up a five-run inning in each game? Kind of makes me want to vomit.”

Skilling encouraged Chicagoans to stay indoors throughout the rest of the week and on into the weekend, despite more favorable weather being forecast.

“At this point I wouldn’t advise anyone go outside, especially if you’re anywhere near Wrigley Field,” said Skilling. “It’s just going to be more unwatchable baseball from the North Siders, and that runs the risk of leaving us all depressed heading into the July 4th holiday weekend. Seriously. Don’t do it to yourself.”