Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has been banned from calling into Chicago sports talk stations due to his high volume of daily anti-Cubs rants, prompted by a recently unleashed hatred for the Cubs and boredom only a month after retiring from the city’s top post, which he held for two decades.

A lifelong Sox fan, Daley always professed his love for the South Siders while in office, but he never came out full-bore against the Cubs for fear of losing votes. Now retired from politics, he is finally letting out the South Side mentality that has been lying dormant for years.

“Go back to Boystown! You might as well be playing in pink [expletive deleted] spikes,” one rant on a local show. “I should’ve torn down that [expletive deleted] park years ago so you could build the world’s largest shrine to Lady Gaga … ”

Few are surprised by the former mayor’s pro-Sox slant and many sources have confirmed his unwavering hatred of the Cubs.

“You have no idea,” one source said. “I remember in 2003 he said that if the Cubs won the World Series he was going to bulldoze any World Series statue, Meigs Field-style.’”

Now that he can no longer call in, no one knows what’s next for the Daley, but a drunken brawl with a Cubs fan might be a solid guess.