A group of young men recently gathered around a MacBook Pro at Barcade to watch the entire 1955 World Series on YouTube, declaring themselves avid fans of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Sipping local, micro-brewed beer and handmade whiskey cocktails, the hipsters were happy to indulge in conjecture about the shortcomings of other New York teams.

“The Yankees are so corporate, man,” Frank-o Jackson, 23, complained. “They’re not the real New York.”

“And the Mets…” Jeff Diller, 26, moaned. “The Mets are pathetic.”

“I’m not usually into sports, but I’m into the whole ‘local’ thing,” Hank Guggenheim, 24, said. “I grow heirloom tomatoes on my windowsill.”

When asked about the baseball teams they followed as children, Frank-o and Hank said that Greenwich, Connecticut did not have a local baseball team. Jeff Diller replied that his parents did not allow him to watch television when he was growing up in Franklin Township, New Jersey.

Protests from the bartender that the Dodgers “sold out” to Los Angeles were met only with derision.

By Scott Keiner

Wompah Keiner