Eager to impress the Yankees during their rare visit to Wrigley this weekend, the Ricketts family hung new wallpaper on Wrigley Field overnight, hoping baseball’s premier franchise wouldn’t notice how dumpy the stadium actually is.

“The Yankees are the most famous team in all of sports and just got a brand new $2.3 billion stadium,” said Cubs owner Tom Ricketts. “And since people from around the league have recently started calling our stadium a dump, we had to do something to liven the place up.”

As soon as the Cubs concluded their four-game series win over the Brewers Thursday afternoon, Ricketts headed to a nearby Home Depot where he picked up 400,000 square feet of wallpaper. Then he and some of his siblings got to work.

“Pete and Laura were eager to help,” said Ricketts. “We couldn’t find Todd anywhere though. That’s so like him to bail when there’s work to be done.”

Tom, Pete and Laura spent all night hanging the new wallpaper on Wrigley’s facade. The project was wrapped up just in time to greet the Yankees at Wrigley Friday morning.

“It was a little disappointing when Hank Steinbrenner showed up this morning and didn’t even notice the new wallpaper,” said Ricketts. “He just asked where the bathroom was. I can’t wait until he sees the new urinals we installed.”

Image by Pat Lamorte