Just months after buying 33 percent of the beleaguered Mets franchise, minority owner and hedge fund manager David Einhorn has agreed to sell his stake in the team for 10 Shake Shack double cheeseburgers.

Shake Shack is a burger stand and franchise with one location in Citi Field. It’s widely known for having amazing cheeseburgers and is the main reason for any fan to spend money to watch the 2011 Mets, who have been riddled with injuries and boast a slew of call-ups from the team’s Triple-A affiliate Buffalo Bisons.

The share of the team was sold to the manager of the Shake Shack stand at Citi Field, who wished to remain nameless. This was done to avoid the embarrassment of being known for owning part of the same team as the Wilpon brothers.

“I knew that my employee discount would kick in someday,” said the Shake Shack manager who brokered the deal. “I wanted to use the burgers to buy part of a good baseball team like the Phillies or Braves, but then I realized that no other club would be worth as little as two trays of fast food.”

Einhorn released a statement to the press:

“The two months I owned part of the Mets were the worst two months of my life. I was stuck with so many free tickets to Mets games that I tried to give away, but no one would take them. I was forced to pay $20 for parking for each game and then had to watch some minor league team that I paid $200 million to own a part of lose to the Pirates. Yes, It was that bad. No one cares about the actual team, they just want me to get them some cheeseburgers. Now I have those cheeseburgers to give to those people to keep them happy.”