June has been a cruel month for the Cubs thus far, with the team yet to win a game after a series of gut-wrenching losses to rivals Houston, St. Louis and Cincinnati, and according to team officials, fans shouldn’t expect a victory until sometime “around mid-month.”

“Fans were giving up on us pretty early this year, even though we were flirting with .500 and showed signs of life,” said manager Mike Quade after Monday night’s 8-2 battering by the Reds. “So we decided to show them what a bad team actually looks like. As a result, they can expect us to pick up our first win on or around June 15 when we host the Brewers.”

A growing number of fans are lamenting the Cubs’ decision to hire Quade this off-season over sentimental favorite Ryne Sandberg. Quade said this is also factoring in the team’s decision to tank, rather than lowered expectations that could have come with injuries to key players like Alfonso Soriano and Aramis Ramirez.

“Fans are going to see that I can handle the stress that comes with a 15- to 20-game losing streak,” said Quade. “You think Ryno could have handled something that without going into a nervous breakdown? Very, very doubtful.”