A leading Creationist organization, the Bible Truth Society, today threatened the Cubs with a boycott if second baseman Darwin Barney is not immediately traded.

“The name ‘Darwin’ is a flat-out insult to right-thinking people,” said BTS president Marshall Dawes. “It’s bad enough that they took God out of the classroom, but we won’t stand by silently while they blaspheme our national pastime. At the very least, this kid has to change his name. We like ‘Paul’ or something biblical like that.”

The Cubs organization acknowledged today that it is the subject of the threatened boycott, but would not comment further on negotiations with the Bible Truth Society. However, a source close to the president’s office indicated the Cubs would do “anything it takes” to keep from doing further damage to its fundamentalist fanbase.

By Cary Nathenson

Cary Nathenson