In the wake of a recent interview with Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens, in which the linebacker said that “There will be more crime if there is no NFL season,” ESPN and Yahoo Sports have developed a financial back-up plan.

With all the potential lost revenue on account of people no longer using their sites, both sports portals have developed a new way to keep the fans logged on — Fantasy Football: Lockout Edition.

“With Lockout Edition, you generate points on what a player does off the field, instead of on it,” said an representative. “Points will be awarded based on players who get charged with a DUI, murder, rape, possession of a firearm, possession of a controlled substance, animal cruelty, and so on.”

When reached for comment, a Yahoo Sports fantasy blogger said, “With our versions, you can break it down by drafting individual players, colleges, or even former players. You also get more points if one of your players gets convicted, so this year in Fantasy, getting 5 to 10 is better than 1st and 10.”

Ben Roethlisberger is the projected #1 pick.

By Brian Farrell

Brian Farrell