The contentious Milton Bradley now has eight former teams — just three shy of legendary journeyman Kenny Lofton — and he’s already found the next sucker. Keeping with the trend of getting gigs in increasingly smaller markets, Bradley has now signed an incentive-laden deal to play ball in a small-town softball league.

The Flames, an over-30 team out of Scottsville, Maryland, are defending champions of the B-League. They are sponsored by a local Subway.

“We know the guy’s had a history of injury problems, but honestly we don’t care if he ever gets on the field,” said team captain Jake Rogers. “As the new guy, he’ll mostly be in charge of bringing beer. Hopefully something domestic, yet classy.”

Other incentives involve the quality of his heckles towards opposing baserunners, the bill of his cap being flat enough to return for a full refund at the season’s end, and a free mug refill every time he correctly guesses the number of outs in a current inning.

By Dan Bradley

Bandwagon Dan