White Sox hurler Jake Peavy had an outstanding minor league outing Friday night and is hoping to return to the big league team’s rotation as early as next week. It will be his first appearance with the White Sox since last summer when he had a tendon and muscles in his throwing shoulder reattached by a surgery no baseball player had ever received. But it’s an even rarer procedure that’s now got him at the top of his game.

“My right arm was completely shot,” said Peavy. “So we just went in and replaced the whole thing from scratch.”

After what is believed to be the first-ever successful complete arm transplant, Peavy now sports the right arm of champion light-heavyweight bodybuilder Ted Rocker who died recently in a tragic weight-lifting accident.

“Poor guy dropped a squat rack on his upper body,” said Peavy, whose muscle-bound fastball now tops out at 125. “Totally mangled him. It was nasty. But luckily his right was was unscathed and thanks to the miracle of modern-day science, I can finally pitch pain-free and better than ever.”