Cubs fan Bob Benson was livid Tuesday evening when Southwest Airlines pilot Ralph Kearney welcomed the plane’s passengers to the Chicago area … then inexplicably announced the Cubs had just defeated the Diamondbacks in a 6-5 nail biter.

“It was the one thing I was looking forward to after a brutal business trip in Cincinnati,” said Benson. “Not my wife. Not my dog. All I wanted was to kick back with a beer and watch the Cubs. I even planned to turn off my phone in the cab home.”

Added Benson: “What a jackass.”

Kearney, who also relayed the local forecast and wished all his passengers a great stay in Chicago, had no idea he’d ruined Benson’s day.

“I like to add some local flavor over the PA when we’re in our final approach,” said Kearney, smiling wide. “People love it! They can’t get enough of that stuff. Like every time we land in Philadelphia, I mention my favorite place to get a cheesesteak. Those suits over at American or United would never do that.”

Heckler George