WWE legend The Rock took umbrage with comments made by Joakim Noah after the Bulls completed a stirring comeback over the Bucks on Saturday night in Milwaukee. Noah said the love the Bulls receive on the road makes them feel like the ‘People’s Champ’ team, and The Rock was not too pleased.

“Joakim Noah, the Rock was listening when you opened your jabroni mouth on Saturday,” the Rock said via a taped message that was played in the Berto Center on Sunday. “You think you are the People’s Champion? Do you honestly think you have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the Great One and the millions of The Rock’s fans?”

The Rock paused dramatically before adding, “It doesn’t matter what you think!”

Noah was lacing up his shoes before practice when the message played. The Bulls center was caught off guard by The Rock’s angry diatribe.

“Man, I wasn’t trying to step on anyone’s toes, especially The Rock’s,” Noah said. “He is the greatest wrestler to have ever lived. But being beamed into the locker room like that? That’s pretty bush league. At least say it to my face. I agree with John Cena: The Rock definitely brings it via satellite.”

Noah issued a challenge to The Rock of a game of one-on-one when Raw comes to the Allstate Arena on Monday night. Noah joked it was doubtful The Rock would accept his challenge, as it is difficult to play basketball over a video feed.

“The Rock will be at Wrestlemania if you want to bring your clown shoes and scrunchy to the greatest spectacle on Earth,” the Rock said of Noah’s challenge. “The real People’s Champion will take your clown shoes, shine them up real nice, turn them sonb**** sideways and stick them straight up your candy a**!”

By Jimmy Juliano