When Jim Hendry resigned Kerry Wood in the off-season, he knew he was not only helping the Cubs bullpen, but by bringing back a fan favorite, it would help fix the relationship between the team and the fans that started dwindling at the end of 2010. Little did Hendry know, however, that the latter would also lead Kid K to his 15th career stint on the disabled list.

“After signing autographs at Ron Santo’s funeral, the Cubs Convention, and during most of Spring Training,” Hendry announced, “Kerry Wood has come down with third degree Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in his right throwing hand.”

“It has to be those two years in Cleveland and New York,” said Wood. “Very rarely did anyone ask for my autograph there. It must have been lack of practice.”

“There are a few options we can take in his rehab,” said new pitching coach Mark Riggins. “He can learn to pitch left-handed, we can put him through some simulated signing sessions, or there is always the old, reliable towel drill.”

By Vince LiFonti

Chicago Vince