Cubs center field prospect Matt Szczur has a reputation that preceded him into camp this spring. He helped Villanova win the 2009 FCS National Championship as a wide receiver. He saved the life of a young  girl by donating his bone marrow to her. Despite having led a fulfilling life, Szczur says there is one thing he lacks.

“I’m missing a vowel in my last name,” he said recently. “I hope to someday appear on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ where I can one. I’m thinking an E.”

The iconic game show will be taping in the Arizona desert during a “Survivor”-themed week in trying to keep pace with the type of programming people enjoy in the modern era.

“My last name is pronounced the way you would say Julius ‘Caesar,’ but most of the time people say ‘scissor,’” Szczur said.

Due to the unusual alignment of the first four letters in his problematic name, Szczur admits that the addition of a mere vowel won’t be enough to prompt “Caesar” off readers lips when they see it.

“I’m going to practice playing hangman and spinning a dial,” Szczur said. “If I don’t have the opportunity to buy a vowel I’ll ask Vanna White if I can trade a Z and a C for an E or two.”

By Rob C. Christiansen