The Chicago Cubs have announced they will introduce a new drink in 2011 called “Cubs Kool-Aid,” to be made available during all Wrigley Field home games.

“Last year it was bison hot dogs. This year it’s Cubs Kool-Aid. We’re constantly reviewing and improving the concession options available to our loyal fans,” said owner Tom Ricketts.

The new Kool-Aid will be blue-colored and available exclusively through vendors roaming the aisles looking for “thirsty fans, anxious fans, really, any fans who aren’t drinking the Kool-Aid,” a team statement read.

To show their support for the team, fans will be encouraged to buy the Kool-Aid in handy 12-packs. Ricketts credited this idea to the late Ron Santo.

“He told me, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to see an entire section, all wearing matching Cubs’ T-shirts and drinking the Kool-Aid?’” said Ricketts. “Frankly, I couldn’t agree more, especially at $9 a can.”

Ricketts compared the new beverage to wearing a rally cap.

“Let’s say we’re down by three in the bottom of the ninth. Or facing Roy Halladay. It’s time to drink the Kool-Aid.”

No ingredient details for Cubs Kool-Aid are available at this time.

Manager Mike Quade confided that he recently tried the Kool-Aid.

“It was delicious,” the Cubs’ skipper gushed. “As I drank it, I got to thinking that with Wainwright going down and the Reds sporting a big target on their back, the National League Central is wide open. This could be our year.”

By Bob Merlotti

Bob Merlotti