While Cubs fans huddled in the cold for their annual late-winter ticket-buying spree late Friday morning, they were greeted by a familiar, yet unexpected face.

“Hi, I’m Derek Jeter,” said the man. “I’d like to thank you for buying 2011 Cubs tickets, on behalf of the New York Yankees, I guess.”

Jeter’s appearance was part of the Cubs’ ongoing off-season promotion of the Yankees’ weekend series at Wrigley this season, which has been tied to many of the team’s marketing efforts. Many have felt promoting a team visiting for three games of an 81-game home schedule is a short-sighted effort by the Cubs.

“Never before have I seen a team promote itself so heavily based on an opposing player who’s only going to play in a maximum of three games,” said sports marketing guru Kip Jenner. “It’s almost like they’re ashamed of their own team, but that can’t be. Have you seen their payroll? There must be a few players worth touting. Am I right?”