In order to get on the good side of Chicago’s newly elected mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Cubs and the Ricketts family announced today they have replaced the Kraft Noodle that was outside Wrigley Field with a brick of ‘Rahmen’ Noodles.

“Rahmen may not bring in the same advertising revenue that Kraft brought in,” said Todd Ricketts. “But we feel in the long run, honoring a Chicago politician will benefit us in getting the triangle building built and securing state or city funds to improve Wrigley Field.”

“Rahm is the first Cubs fan we’ve had running this city since Eugene Sawyer in 1989,” Laura Ricketts said. “And if he was able to get lights approved for Wrigley, imagine what someone with Rahm’s influence can get done.”

Todd added that they expected Rahm to win all along, but “we also had a Carol Moseley Braun-y Paper Towel and Gery Chico-fil-A Chicken Sandwich ready to go, just in case.”

By Vince LiFonti. Photoshop by Pat Lamorte.

Chicago Vince