Despite being a huge favorite in Chicago’s mayoral race, candidate Rahm Emanuel has teamed up with Mr. Cub to get out the vote with a controversial “Let’s Cast Two” campaign.

“Rahm is my nom,” said the Cubs legend, glad-handing voters in Wrigleyville Tuesday morning. “This is finally the year…we elect Mr. Emanuel. Let’s Cast Two!”

Along with Emanuel volunteers, Banks was seen handing out leaflets encouraging North Siders to vote early and often for the former White House Chief of Staff. The materials suggest a variety of ways to successfully cast more than one ballot.

“There were the obvious things like fake mustaches and changing clothes,” said Bob Benson, a Lakeview native. “But they also said we should just go to different precincts and claim random apartment buildings we lived in years ago as our legal, current residences.”

Photo by Will Byington from Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse

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