The Cubs have declared themselves contenders in the National League this year with the powerhouse signings of former Cub fan favorites Reed Johnson and Augie Ojeda.

Johnson, who made a splash with the Cubs in 2008 and 2009 with his spirited defensive play, hustle and a combination of 10 home runs over two years, is expected to bring his career 300 RBIs to immediately contribute for upwards of 40 runs throughout the course of the entire season. Meanwhile, Ojeda, the diminutive utility player, is hoping to bring his smoking .190 batting average to the Cubs this year.

While other teams have signed high-dollar players like Manny Ramirez, Adrian Beltre and Adam Dunn, the Cubs have chosen players who the fans remember and like, and who, while being unlikely to contribute during the season, at least will not be bad enough to warrant the ire of the fans at Wrigley.

“What’s nice about these signings is that no one is going to compare them to the Milton Bradley or Soriano deals,” said Cubs GM Jim Hendry. “So I really like it for that.”

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith